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Whether a beginner or an intermediate/advanced level hockey player and regardless of age, anyone can improve his/her skating ability. Willingness to learn and improve is essential – attitude is everything! Our Adult Hockey Camps/Programs are about improving your technical skills and will make playing hockey a more enjoyable experience for you! Tucker Hockey Adult Hockey Camps are suited for women and men of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are new to the game, are looking to refresh, or just learn new hockey fundamentals. Either individual or game tactics, we have the right program for you from Adult Beginner Hockey to Adult Power Skating in Calgary.!

Adult Technical  Hockey Program 101

This Adult Power Skating / Player Development Program focuses on the technical skills of skating, puck control, passing, and shooting. This program is weighted 60% on power skating with the remaining 40% of the program devoted to hockey skills. It is ideally suited for the recreational hockey player who wishes to improve his or her skills. Although presented in a group setting our drills focus on the individual “You and the drill”. Participants don’t have to worry about other skaters being more skilled or less skilled; it is a “go – at - your – own – pace” program. This Adult Power Skating program starts with the basic hockey stance, and then progresses through a full curriculum of power skating drills as well as hockey skill fundamentals. You will be coached and given feedback throughout the program with the goal to improve your hockey skills! Each adult beginner hockey session will include scrimmage time to practice these new skills.

 Note: The only perquisite is that you can skate forwards comfortably.

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Adult Hockey Calgary Program 201

This Technical Skills and Tactical Player Development Program builds on the skills taught in Program 101 plus will introduce individual offensive and defensive tactics as well as team tactics. This Adult Power Skating Calgary program is ideally suited for the recreational hockey player wishing to improve their technical skills as well as learning more about playing the game. The Adult Hockey Calgary Program 201 consists of 60 % technical skills such as: give and go passing, 1 timer shooting and 40 % tactical play such as: delays, walkouts, cycling, puck protection, playing 1 on 1’s, 2 on 1’s, breakouts, face offs, etc. Each session will include scrimmage practice time.

 Note: We would encourage all participants in Program 101 adult beginner hockey to discuss their progress and competence with a Tucker Hockey Head Instructor prior to registering for Program 201. Program 201, which is heavily weighted on the tactical components of the game, requires a level of competence in many technical hockey skills, especially skating and passing. In order to feel comfortable doing the drills and benefit from the 201 Program, participants should be able to skate comfortably with the puck, plus give and receive timely passes while in stride note that pivoting competently while in motion is a necessity for success.. Most of the drills require active skating and passing while interacting with other players.

 Adult Hockey Calgary Program 301

This Technical Skills and Tactical Player Development Program builds and expands on the Program 201 of technical skills and individual offensive and defensive tactics, group tactics plus scrimmage. The core content of the Program 301 curriculum although similar to the Program 201 is suited for players who wish to be challenged with a greater emphasis on advanced skating agility skills and a higher paced conditioning program. Within this Adult Power Skating Calgary Program, there is less teaching of technical skills and the instructors are more demanding and scrimmages are of a higher pace / intensity!

Note: We encourage all players to first complete our Adult Hockey Calgary Program 201 prior to attending Program 301.

 Adult Hockey Calgary Speciality Clinics

We offer the following Speciality Clinics in: Backward Skating, Shooting and Puck Control/Passing.

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 Note: The only perquisite is that you can skate forwards comfortably. We do however strongly suggest participating in at least one Level 101 program.

To find out more about our Adult Hockey Camps contact us today by Phone: (403) 998-5035 or Email: programs@tuckerhockey.com

Adult Hockey Camps Calgary


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