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I have taken several Tucker courses and have had the pleasure of being instructed by Frank, Rex and Jimmy.  All provided excellent tips and feedback to successfully learn and develop true hockey skills. Although I have skated recreationally most of my life, I am quite new to hockey and the Tucker Hockey Experience is certainly the way to go!  Thank you all at Tucker for making my experience fruitful and above all, enjoyable.
~ Bryan Sharpe

Overall, all instructors I ran into during my 101 course participation were of excellent calibre. Ron has been a great lead instructor throughout. Very calm character and every exercise was well explained as well as demonstrated by him. Another instructor I'd like to point out is Jimmy who has been breathing down my neck (in a very positive way) pretty much every session to help me get to the level I am at now. Based on my excellent experience, I can definitely recommend Tucker Hockey to everyone looking to get into the game as well as improve their game!
~ Stephan Borchert

Dave, Frank, and Jimmy are awesome coaches! They are willing to work with you to get you to the next level of hockey performance. They make you stoked to play.
~ Mark Roach

All the Instructors where awesome. Especially Frank and David, being on the Ice for many hours every day and still have the patience and enthusiasm late in the evening for us.
~ Marc Hammerschmied

Frank and Dave are great instructors. They challenge you to work harder and be a better player!
~ Tony Messer

Rex and Jimmy,
Thanks for the Backwards skating addition to your skills program. I learned a lot in those three sessions. A fundamental skill that goes into the tier two for most people but I firmly believe as a skater you are totally incomplete with out it. Struggled? YES! Loved every minute. Please continue to offer this skill set...even go to five sessions??? All the best for the summer guys. Great Job! Please pass on my regards to Dave Mahoney as well.
~ Rob Pryde

I am 29 years old and had just started playing hockey 2 years ago.  I was hesitant to start because all my other friends have been playing since they were 5 years old.  Getting started was tough but I got on the ice every opportunity I had.  When I heard about Tucker hockey programs I was excited to hear there were others like me who had just started the sport and needed to learn the basics.  After taking 3 programs I have greatly increased my basic skill level.  The instructors are very helpful and they are very understanding.  I was around players that were great hockey players and ones that had a hard time stopping.  They have programs for everyone and if your thinking about signing up you should.
~R.B. Logan

Rex Tucker was great at teaching. Performed examples slowly and methodically in ways that allowed you to really break down the drills and learn them properly. He helped me learn how to do backwards crossovers in literally 1 session.
~ Tim Flaman

The last course I took was 201 with Dave and Frank. I found that Dave and Frank were really helpful in being open and honest in encouraging students to try tips.  For me personally, cutting my stick really helped my puck control.  Skating with my tongue outside my shin guard, and lacing my skates a little looser really improved my skating, that attention to detail to my game was really helpful.
~ James Shai

I appreciated both Rex's & Jim's positive nature and sense of humour. Their knowledge of the game and constructive feedback is beneficial regardless of what level of hockey you have played.
~ Jason Mackenzie

Unlike most instructors David Mahoney understands why adults take these courses. Although I am not a teacher I think that teaching adults and children require a different skill set. David SHARES his knowledge of hockey and skating, he doesn'€™t lecture or talk down to you, and is excited for you when you make progress.
~ Len Moriarity

Rex and the instructors were amazing. Solid knowledge of the game, pointed and specific coaching, and commentary in every drill made this a remarkable experience. I would recommend this program to anybody!
~ Sherry Hagerty

I've been skating since I was four years old and I've played hockey on an inconsistent basis.  But, I've never had proper skating instruction.  With Tucker Hockey, I've been able to significantly improve my skating, in all directions, balance, and edge control.  The instruction is great and it's a lot of fun!
~ Jay Nelson

Tucker has the ability with his step by step skating progression to 'teach old dogs new tricks'. My skating has never been so efficient and even in a group environment one has the ability to progress individually.
~ Chris

From start to finish this program was very good. I was very poor at backwards skating. Once Tucker and his associates broke down the simplification of backward skating and did a step-by-step process it really made me understand the techniques to skating backwards. I am a better/stronger backwards skater now.  The techniques made me a more complete player. Rex has brought back my enjoyment of hockey!
~ Jason Jesty

I had a great session with Ash, Jim and Rex. They're all very knowledgable and really tailored drills to my skill level. Being an adult beginner I credit the three instructors for helping my game progress from zero to being able to compete in my division. A big thanks for all the help guys!
~ Renny Chan

When I took the first class I couldn’t even do the forward inside edge c turn. I’m much improved since then but still have a long way to go. So I’ll keep taking the courses because it’s the best way for me to improve. The first time I played hockey was about five years ago when I took the first course with Rex. I currently play in two leagues and wish I hadn’t waited so long as I really enjoy it, but if not for Rex’s courses I would have quit by now. So thank you and Rex for the free session but more importantly thanks for turning me into a hockey player. As I didn’t start until I was 56 I had much catching up to do. I’ll never be as good as some of these guys (that isn’t Rex’s fault) that have played all their lives, but I’m out there doing it and having fun in the process.
Thanks again,
~ Ron Warner #13 (in tribute to Datsyuk)

I went into 101 knowing how to skate but unable to break it down and succeed in individual edge control. With the drills laid out in an easy progression I was able to build on what I had until I became comfortable on my edges.  An unexpected gain for me was an improvement in my slap-shot (which until 101 I was largely unable to do). Rex made a single adjustment to my stance and I was able to fire off a pretty nice shot. The quality of instruction was exceptional.  Ron really reiterated good hockey stance and keeping your eyes up. Jim threw in helpful pointers between drills and gave positive feedback (it was important to know something was being done well in addition to what needed work).  Not only would I recommend this program, I will be taking it again in the fall to re-tune my skills before my next hockey season.
~ Staci Colwell 

Before joining up with Tucker hockey, I could barely skate, if you were to see me get on the ice the first night, you would have laughed and thought that I should get my money back. But by the end of the 5th day I was able to skate backwards, forwards very confidently and my puck handling went from not knowing how to handle a stick to scoring easily at the end of the week. Just keep a smile on your face and you'll love it :)
~ Derek Hutchinson

Being 26 and female and just joining the world of hockey, I was slightly intimidated. Tucker hockey programs are HUGE amount of fun! The instruction was excellent and the atmosphere made it very easy to learn. I recommend tucker hockey to anyone looking to get out to meet new people and get some exercise or have a serious interest in improving their skills at a more intense level!" All around and amazing experience!
~ Laura Dietrich

I want to thank Jim for his support and instruction during my struggles on inside edges, even though I kept falling he had the patience and understanding to work with me. I also want to thank Rex and the smaller gentlemen with the goatie for helping find better fitting skates which made a significant comfort and performance enhancement. Thank you and I will be taking the 101 again!
~ Aman Little

Ron Wong provided clear, intelligible instructions on the techniques being taught with perfectly executed demonstrations. He didn't move on to the next drill until everyone was ready and ensured that anyone who need additional attention received it from one of the other instructors.
~ Dominic D'Antimo

Dave and Frankie are very encouraging hockey instructors. I am 61 years old female. Dave and Frankie taught me to skate backwards. When I play with other women, they are impressed with my shots.  Dave and Franke taught me how to shot better.   My balance, strength and flexiblity are better because of Tucker Hockey.  Thank you for your encouagement.  Some day I hope my grand daughter, Olivia will attend Tucker Hockey lessons with me.
~Diane Dryer

When I first started at Tucker, I had only been skating for a short time. I didn't know how to do anything other than skate forwards and turn. The lessons were incredible and the instruction that I got was very helpful. I can definitely say that my skills have improved over the ten sessions. I feel faster, I can keep up with my friends better. I'm spending more time playing hockey rather than worrying about whether or not I'll be able to skate. I would definitely recommend Tucker 101 to any beginner or intermediate player, you develop a lot more awareness of your edges, and you're gain confidence in your edge control. I would like to thank Rex and his team for all the hard work and help they've provided me over the 10 sessions.
~ Renny Chan

Tucker hockey is worth every penny!  The instructors are great, the price is right, and the atmosphere is always fun!
~ Daniel Sennhauser


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