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Date: 16/2/2017 4:49 PM UTC

Don’t wait too long, we are filling up fast!!

In this program you will:

-    Play 3 on 3 full ice games
-    Play 3 on 3 short games
-    Work on skill development drills
-    Do more skating
-    Have more puck possession
-    Get more shooting and scoring
-    Handle the puck more in one 3 on 3 game than in 5 regular games!

Sign up with friends and take advantage of our buddy referral program:

* 1 Buddy: Save $100 off 3 on 3
* 2 Buddies: Save $200 off 3 on 3
* 3 Buddies: Save $300 off 3 on 3
* 4 Buddies: Save $400 off 3 on 3
* 5 Buddies: FREE PROGRAM

Don’t delay, reserve your spot today at tuckerhockey.com

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Date: 1/2/2017 4:03 PM UTC

Looking for something this Spring for your Atom or Peewee player?

Look no further!
Tucker Hockey is proud to present our Spring 3 on 3 Hockey program.

The program will run from April 8th – June 24th with two ice times per week.

Each ice time will feature 3 on 3 full ice play, 3 on 3 short games and a skill development component.

If your looking for a face paced, high tempo program that will allow each player to improve their skating, shooting and enhance their overall hockey skills then this is the program you’ve been looking for!

For more information or to register go to tuckerhockey.com

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Date: 16/1/2017 7:04 PM UTC

·         4 teams of 9 players, plus goalie

·         Mix of Atom and Peewee

·         Players will play with like skilled players

·         Each sessions consists of 15 minutes of skill development, 15 minutes of 3 on 3 short games and 30 minutes of 3 on 3 full ice play

·         5 shifts per player in short game, 10 shifts in full ice

·         20 sessions, averaging 2 sessions per week: Saturday & Tuesday

·         Runs April 8th to June 24th

·         Players can request to be on a team with friends.  We will try to accommodate, but no guarantees

·         Online stats will be available

·         2-man referee system to ensure fair play and off-sides,

·         No contact

·         Scorekeeper & Timekeeper

·         Minimum 3 on ice instructors – 2 to help with scorekeeping, 1 to help on benches

·         Tucker Hockey jerseys – red vs black

·         Shifts will be 1 minute, to change and play

·         Philosophy of continuous play, fast, aggressive skating, fast puck movement, individual player creativity and great goaltender showdowns

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Date: 12/1/2017 9:23 PM UTC

2 ice times per week:
Saturdays at either 2:30pm or 3:45pm at Henry Viney
Tuesdays at 6pm or 7:15pm at Southland

Program runs from April 8th – June 24th

Open to Atom and Peewee players

$499 per player
$399 per goalie

You will handle the puck and skate more in one 3 on 3 game than in five regular games!!

Improve your skating, stick handling, shooting and much more!

Don’t delay, register today at tuckerhockey.com

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Date: 3/1/2017 5:03 PM UTC

Stickhandling & Puck Control – With only three players on the ice, you will be spending more time with the puck. This will allow you to practice your stick-handling skills and will improve your overall puck control.

Shooting – Due to the increased space on the ice, players have more time to set each other up and can lead to more scoring chances. This means that the players take more shots than they normally would in 5 on 5 hockey, which can help them have a stronger, more accurate shot.

Passing – Since there are fewer players on the ice at all times, the passing lanes become wider and more open. Players can take advantage of this in 3 on 3 hockey by making longer, more accurate passes throughout the game.

Skating – With a smaller number of players on the ice, there is more surface for the offensive and defensive players to cover. This means that the players participating will constantly be working on their skating skills.

Conditioning – In 3 on 3 hockey, the players will be on the ice more frequently and thus improve their overall conditioning.

Creativity –There is more space on the ice. This will allow the teams to become more creative with their plays, and try to make passes or shots that they wouldn’t have a chance to in normal 5 on 5 hockey. By making these plays, the players can become more confident in their abilities, which will transition well back to the traditional 5 on 5 format.

As you can see, all of these skills can be improved by playing 3 on 3 hockey this spring with Tucker Hockey.

Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks to find out more about the program and how you can register!

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Date: 19/12/2016 5:48 PM UTC

At Tucker Hockey we are always searching for fun new methods of instructing our minor hockey players. 

We are excited to announce that we have added a new program for 2017…

Spring Hockey 3 on 3

The program will be available to players that played Atom and Peewee during this hockey season.

Stay tuned to our blog over the coming weeks for more details on the program and how to register!

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Date: 17/12/2016 4:56 PM UTC

Who will guide you on this amazing journey?  The Tucker Tour Organizing Team!

Your hosts for the 2017 European Hockey Tour will be Marcela & Rex Tucker.  They are dedicated to ensuring that you have an amazing time while on the tour. 

Both Marcela & Rex are very knowledgeable about the City of Prague, the entire Czech Republic and its many treasures. 

Marcela is a native Czech and has lived in Prague most of her adult life.  She is fluent in  the Czech language and will serve as our interpreter throughout the trip.

Rex has been a frequent traveller to Europe over the past 20 years and has visited and stayed in Prague over 16 different times.

This trip will definitely be from a “locals” perspective; you will not just be another tourist.  They know the ins and out of all this beautiful country has to offer from great tourist attractions to fabulous restaurants and quaint pubs. 

Rex and Marcela will make this a trip of a lifetime!

Don’t delay; reserve your spot on the tour today!!

For more information or to book your spot, call Rex at 403-244-5037

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Date: 6/12/2016 6:39 PM UTC

Here are just a few reminders of why you can’t afford to miss the
2017 European Adult Hockey Tour :

-          Great chance for you to represent Canada against foreign competition in the Czech Republic and Austria.
-          Experience the tour with your spouse, family members and friends too!
-          Amazing opportunity to customize your trip.  There will be plenty of free time to do your own thing.
-          Arrange your own flight/use up those points before they expire!  Meet the group in Prague with the opportunity to extend your trip to other parts of Europe.
-          Be part of an outstanding hockey/travel vacation.
-          Enjoy amazing sightseeing and be more than a tourist, be a traveler with the Tucker Hockey group.
-          Professional tour that is organized by our friendly and dedicated support staff.
-          Makes a unique gift for Christmas!
-          Payment schedule available as well as the option to pay by Visa or MasterCard.

Don’t delay; reserve your spot today, only 16 spots remain!

For more info or to book, please contact Coach Rex at 403-244-5037

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Date: 28/11/2016 4:32 PM UTC

Here are some of the things that are happening in Prague in May:

The average temperature in May in Prague is 18 degrees Celsius, expect sunshine during this time of the year…. which is great for those that wish to do some sight seeing!

The Prague Spring Music Festival takes place inn May, there are music performances throughout the city, something for everyone.

From the middle of May to the end of May, the Prague Festival of Beer is held.  Take advantage of this event to sample beer from both large and small breweries in the Czech Republic.

Prague's Night of Churches is a free event held towards the end of May. Many of Prague's churches are open to the public and organize concerts, tours, and mass.

Prague Fringe is a theater festival that everyone (visitors and locals) absolutely love. It takes place throughout the city. Also the Mezi Ploti, theatre is held at the Bohnice psychiatric facility, it is a local favorite

For you foodies, the Prague Food Festival, which features representation from restaurants throughout the country, is a three-day celebration of Czech food and other cuisines that takes place in the Prague Castle gardens. Beer and wine pairings for food are also an element of this festival.

Other events taking place during May include the international Book World Prague book fair, the Prague International Marathon, the International Tattoo Convention and traditional soccer games.

For more information or to reserve your spot, please call coach Rex at 403-244-5037.

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Date: 21/11/2016 4:41 PM UTC

Tucker Hockey is looking for adult hockey players of intermediate skill level to join us for a 2 week - 2 country (Czech Republic & Austria) tour of Europe with their family and friends.

There will be a 5 game hockey series in the amazing cities of Prague, Nymburk, Plzen and Karlovy, Czech Republic and in Salzburg, Austria.

Players will have the opportunity to meet legendary Czech hockey players, participate in Czech style off ice training and have exposure to elite, Czech-coaching methodology.

Before departing on this once in a lifetime trip, there will be an official selection and prep camp in Calgary.  Once in Europe we will hold on ice practices in Prague.

Each player will receive a personalized game jersey and all attendees will receive identifiable Tucker Hockey European Tour, silk-screened golf shirt.

Don’t let this incredible trip pass you by, reserve your spot today!

Call coach Rex at 403-244-5037

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