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Date: 16/1/2017 7:04 PM UTC

·         4 teams of 9 players, plus goalie

·         Mix of Atom and Peewee

·         Players will play with like skilled players

·         Each sessions consists of 15 minutes of skill development, 15 minutes of 3 on 3 short games and 30 minutes of 3 on 3 full ice play

·         5 shifts per player in short game, 10 shifts in full ice

·         20 sessions, averaging 2 sessions per week: Saturday & Tuesday

·         Runs April 8th to June 24th

·         Players can request to be on a team with friends.  We will try to accommodate, but no guarantees

·         Online stats will be available

·         2-man referee system to ensure fair play and off-sides,

·         No contact

·         Scorekeeper & Timekeeper

·         Minimum 3 on ice instructors – 2 to help with scorekeeping, 1 to help on benches

·         Tucker Hockey jerseys – red vs black

·         Shifts will be 1 minute, to change and play

·         Philosophy of continuous play, fast, aggressive skating, fast puck movement, individual player creativity and great goaltender showdowns

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Date: 12/1/2017 9:23 PM UTC

2 ice times per week:
Saturdays at either 2:30pm or 3:45pm at Henry Viney
Tuesdays at 6pm or 7:15pm at Southland

Program runs from April 8th – June 24th

Open to Atom and Peewee players

$499 per player
$399 per goalie

You will handle the puck and skate more in one 3 on 3 game than in five regular games!!

Improve your skating, stick handling, shooting and much more!

Don’t delay, register today at tuckerhockey.com

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Date: 3/1/2017 5:03 PM UTC

Stickhandling & Puck Control – With only three players on the ice, you will be spending more time with the puck. This will allow you to practice your stick-handling skills and will improve your overall puck control.

Shooting – Due to the increased space on the ice, players have more time to set each other up and can lead to more scoring chances. This means that the players take more shots than they normally would in 5 on 5 hockey, which can help them have a stronger, more accurate shot.

Passing – Since there are fewer players on the ice at all times, the passing lanes become wider and more open. Players can take advantage of this in 3 on 3 hockey by making longer, more accurate passes throughout the game.

Skating – With a smaller number of players on the ice, there is more surface for the offensive and defensive players to cover. This means that the players participating will constantly be working on their skating skills.

Conditioning – In 3 on 3 hockey, the players will be on the ice more frequently and thus improve their overall conditioning.

Creativity –There is more space on the ice. This will allow the teams to become more creative with their plays, and try to make passes or shots that they wouldn’t have a chance to in normal 5 on 5 hockey. By making these plays, the players can become more confident in their abilities, which will transition well back to the traditional 5 on 5 format.

As you can see, all of these skills can be improved by playing 3 on 3 hockey this spring with Tucker Hockey.

Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks to find out more about the program and how you can register!

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