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Date: 27/11/2013 1:52 PM UTC

It's stated in the media by Bettman that the new partnership with Rogers "Will Grow the Game."

How? By shutting out TSN and more importantly HNIC? Don Cherry is unsure of his future, this Canadian Hockey fan is unsure of his future and the quality that we've come to expect as Canadians every Saturday night from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM on CBC.

This Canadian Hockey Fan is angry, concerned, dumbfounded, and frankly down right disgusted with the 12 year deal.


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Date: 20/11/2013 5:08 PM UTC

To be an effective communicator and get your message out to others, a person must be able to:
1) Connect 2) Respect and 3) Affect.

Even though the above words may all sound quite familiar - they each come with a different connotation that describes each one separately and uniquely.

To connect with someone means to go that extra distance - to know who they are and where they have come from in life. It’s important to put your words into language that each individual can relate to and understand.

To respect any individual is to know that we all have our own separate journeys - even though we have traveled different paths to get where we are together today and this not only makes us unique as an individual but that makes each of us indeed, true survivors.

Each living person resides in a community - whether they interact with just one person each day or a thousand people. How you react to your community will affect those around you. Make a conscious decision to be an effective individual in society rather than just an affected individual. Be positive, pro - active and purposeful in your daily communications. Ultimately, endeavor to make the world a better place around you through effective communications with others.

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Date: 15/11/2013 9:10 PM UTC

"Puck Control Commands"

One of my favorite drills for teaching a player moving puck control is the puck control "commands" drill. With this drill, I randomly place 20 - 30 pylons in the neutral zone. I shout out a command, explain the key teaching points and demo the skill, then have the player perform the skill around different pylons. I switch up the command every 20 - 30 seconds.

Puck Control Commands can include the following:
  • Slalom - both half speed and full speed
  • Fake Left - go right
  • Fake Right - go left
  • Toe Drag
  • Figure 8 - glide and crossover turns
  • Full 360 turns - both forehand and backhand
  • Forward to Backward Pivots
  • Backward to Forward Pivots

This drill allows for a variety of puck control moves and skill development.

The average Calgary minor hockey player will only handle the puck 10 - 20 seconds in a game. However, with this 10 minute puck control drill, factoring in a rest to work ratio of 1 to 1, a player will handle the puck for 5 minutes, or 300 seconds; the equivalent of 15 to 30 minor league games!

Yes, playing games are fun, but good practice drills greatly enhance hockey technical skill development such as puck control.

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