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Coach Dave and Frank,
After a mediocre year of coaching from his minor hockey association, my son still developed from his weekly morning experience with both of you. He never complained about the 5:45am wake up to see you guys. Both of you have been a huge part of his development and love for the game over the years. We will always make it a priority to involve your program in his development. We can't thank you enough!
~ Mehbs, father to Armaan

I wanted to reach out concerning my observations of the Group 14 session from Aug 29-02Sep. I thought that there were very well run, focusing on working the proper skill sets, especially the power skating in showing the fundamentals of edge control, proper body position, effective stride length and the importance of balance.  These very important fundamental skills that are normally lacking and or not executed well by hockey schools, I was very pleased with how Tucker Hockey delivered these to the group and especially to my son, Adam. Thank you again for a job well done and I have no problem recommending Tucker Hockey.
Brian Mullen, father to Adam

Our son enjoyed tucker hockey so much. After each lesson he came off the ice sweating and excited- he was also happy to improve his skills. Rex was a great instructor and the kids loved his enthusiasm and the kids seem to connect with him. My son loved his week with tucker hockey and learned that hockey is a game to be mastered BUT mostly enjoyed.
Amanda Petrus, mother to Adam

Our son did the Elite power skating for a week this summer. This is a great program! He has always hated power skating and he wasn't looking forward to the program but he really enjoyed it. The kids worked hard and had terrific instruction. He said that was the best camp he has ever been to and he learned a lot.
Sherry & Owen Malmburg, parents to Kyle

Tucker Hockey has helped my son improve on his skills and confidence in hockey. We have been using your program for the last 3 years and my son has gone from the bottom of his level now to the middle. My son loves the program and can not wait to join again in the spring once regular season is over. Thanks to Rex and all the other instructors for taking the time to show my son that hockey a great sport.
Karen Wills, mother to Nathan

All of the instructors were very skilled and it was obvious they love working with kids and sharing their love for the game. My son came away a far better skater than when he went in.
Chris Holt, father to Michael

My son was very worried about the body contact coming in Bantam. Their contact camp provided him with all the tools he needed to come out a more confident player. He is ready for the upcoming season!    We tried a different camp through a different company, and it didn't even come close to this one. Highly recommend this for any nervous Bantam players out there.
Jass Stone, mother to Daylen

My son Matthew continues to grow his skating ability and his confidence. After going through ten sessions in the spring hockey program and another 5 sessions at the end of August he has received several comments on his improved quickness and lateral movement. I will continue to enroll my son in the Tucker program as it is second to none.
Samantha Werth, mother to Matthew

I would highly recommend Tucker Hockey to anyone.  This is our second year registering my son and I find the coaching staff incredibly efficient and professional.  My son was worked hard during the conditioning camp and no player stood around they were constantly moving and performing drills.  Ratio of coach to player is great.  Thanks for a great camp.
Maria Marcon, mother to Adam

My son Jameson (J.J.) recently attended a skating camp for the 5-6 year old group at Rose Kohn arena from April 13-16.  Wow what a fantastic experience for both father and son. JJ loved it and I was so impressed by the instructors and content.  The development that I saw in a short 4 day period was beyond any expectations I could have hoped for.  There is nothing a father loves more than to see his child have fun as he attains new skills and for four days and even now reminiscing I am all smiles.  Please pass on a huge thank you to all the staff that helped out during the camp, they did an outstanding job.
Brad Garner, father to JJ

I was really impressed with the instructors.  My son suffered a fracture and missed the last few classes of his skating program.  Even after missing classes and knowing the instructor had 150+ students that session, I took a chance and asked if he had any recommendations for program we should take in lieu. David emailed me with precise memories about my son's participation and really solid recommendations for his recuperation. As well, Christyne is amazing.  She answers my inquiries quickly and accurately if she can but she is ok with saying, " I better check, I will get right back to you" I know that sounds pretty basic but it really isn't.  Even better she does get right back to me.
~ Mark Illing, father to Connor

My daughter would love to be interviewed! She had a great experience with her spring camp.  She really enjoyed the extra help Jimmy gave her.  This was her first hockey camp and she left feeling so confident! She has lots to learn to catch up to kids her age, but she feels ready. It makes a difference when a coach is positive and puts extra effort into the kids. We did not see this in my sons camp that we had him in (another company) and we really wished we would have put him in Tucker instead of with his friends.
~ Vivian Olver, mother to Kaylee

Our family was really impressed by Tucker hockey instruction in general. Our son is recently turned 7 and sometimes has difficulty following what instructors expect from him. We thought the instructors spent time with the kids and really took the time to help the kids understand the drills both by description and demonstration. They really highlighted the goals of the drills and then spent some time correcting the kids while they were doing the drills. We thought they interacted with the kids on all levels so they were able to reach the kids who might have a preferred way of learning in most cases.
~ Aris de Peuter, father to Samuel

Finally to see a hockey program that is design to develop hockey skills, professionally managed with quality of the instructors and variety of drills that you can't see at the minor hockey rinks. At the end our kids still have a lot of fun but on a different level.
~ Jim Hristov, father to Bobby

We enrolled our son in the hockey skills program during Christmas break. This was hands down the best hockey camp we have ever done. The kids were always engaged and moving around and the Coaches seemed very knowledgable and handled the kids great! He improved greatly in a short period of time and had fun doing it. We would definitely use Tucker hockey in the future. Thanks so much!
~ Tanja Smith, mother to Kamren

In just 10 sessions with Dave, Brooklyn's skating has greatly improved with better posture, stance, and power.  She has learned some valuable stick handling tips and is looking forward to the next 10 sessions.
~ Evelyn Palin, mother to Brooklyn

Regardless of age, gender and intital skill level, Tucker Hockey is a great program for any child interested in improving their skating skills. The on-ice curriculum progresses at a gradual pace and the instructors are very informative and helpful. Simply put, Tucker Hockey is an awesome program that I would highly recommend.
~ Julie Hickie, mother to Bret

My son Ethan had alot of fun, and has asked to come back. I see that his skating has improved. There is no reason not to come back. Thank you to you Rex and your team!
~ Duc Pham, father to Ethan

I have heard great things from coaches and parents about the power skating that Rex provided for the Saints Novice Teams.  One of the comments I heard was that it gives kids who have had no access to power skating a chance to improve their speed.  From my son's perspective he really felt worked out doing the power skating more so than during a regular practice.  Thank you again for providing this for our association.
~ Patty Ross-O'Donnell, mother to Brock & Cody

My son loved the camp and at evaluations for community hockey I noticed the increased improvement in all his skills. this year we should not be in the bottom team thank you tucker hockey.
~ Gerald Marple, father to Tyler

I saw that Tyson skating improved over the course of the week camp. He was able to shoot harder and attempt to stick handle now. I think he gained more confidence.
~ Tonya Simeon, mother to Tyson

I don't know the instructors names b/c this was our first experience with Tucker hockey but we were very impressed with their enthusiasm and how they made it fun while still pushing and challenging the kids to learn a lot of various skills and drills.
~ Juanita Zink, mother to Jackson

My son said after the first day " that was the best ! Can't wait to be back tomorrow ." He was sad it was over at the end of the week .He asked for more.
~ Kim Twin, mother to Joseph

The Tucker Hockey program was great. My son learned a lot as  was apparent by the huge improvement in his skating skills from the Monday to the Friday. I would definitely recommend this program and certainly plan to use it myself in the future.
~ Julie Hickey, mother to Bret

Our boys really enjoyed the coaching from Rex, Dave, Colton and all the coaches. The kids always left each session with a smile on their face. They couldn't wait for the next session to start and they learnt a lot. For these reasons, we will definitely attend Tucker camps in the future.
~ Tom Burke, father to Mason & Braden

All of the instructors were so good with our son. This was his first hockey camp and he loved it, he would come home and tell us all about what he did and how great his teachers were. You guys did wonders for his confidence and his skills. We will be booking our son in another  camps through tucker hockey and will be suggesting all our friends do the same. We would really like to thank the lady with the short hair  (sorry I do not know her name) but she paid special attention to our son and really helped him with his skills. Thank you so much tucker hockey.
~ Sarah Christensen, mother to Ty

Rex was an inspiration to my son he taught him valuable skills and took the time to ensure he was learning the right techniques!  Thank you!!
~ Tracy Foster, mother to Dayton

This conditioning camp is second to none!  The first comment my son made coming off the ice after the first session was "it's not what I expected".  He has never been to a hockey camp that challenged him to the extent that Tucker's Conditioning Camp did. Every on ice session was hard work but worth it.
~ Mary Ann Kozlowicz, mother to Dylan

I was impressed by all the instructors.  The directions were clear and well demonstrated and the instructors followed up when my son needed clarification on the drill.  They watched each child and really worked with them to encourage them to use proper form.
We will definitely send my son to another Tucker Power Skating Program again.  Thank you for a great week!
~ Linda Cote, mother to Jeremy

We liked the fact that the ice was always well run, great use of ice and time. The transition of drills to teach backwards skating was excellent. We would absolutely recommend and re-register in Tucker camps and/or ice sessions. Best camp my son has ever been in.
~ Kim & Srecko Zizakovic, parents of Maksim

Connor made the Div 2 Peewee team… we owe much of that to you guys at Tucker Hockey... he only started skating two years ago. When he first stepped out onto the ice for his first year of Atom hockey he could barely take 3 steps without falling; let alone shoot the puck. Each year he’s made pretty significant leaps and finally this year he’s wound up on a team where most of the kids have six or more years of experience. It’s a little bitter sweet as he’s left a lot of his old teammates behind but this shy, quiet, ADHD kid is really starting to feel good about him self and is seeing the dividends of hard work (life lesson?). Connor always has a great time with you guys, loves the instructors and asks for more training. As parents, we’re witnessing a pretty remarkable transformation in hockey and more importantly, who he’s becoming as a person. We’ll be sure to continue supplementing his team development with your programs and camps… thanks again.
~ Dan Argento, father of Connor

The on-ice curriculum is great and very fast paced. Brandt loves it. I am sure that you are aware of how fortunate you are to have an instructor like Dave Mahoney, it is rare to find an employee who represents his employer as if he owned the business himself. I really can't say enough about Dave, quality guy! Both Dave and Frank are excellent. As Dave leads the drills Frank is there watching for anybody struggling with the drill and giving extra instruction. We have been to other programs, but to me, nothing compares to the instructors at Tucker. We haven't had a negative experience to date and I do't expect that we will in the future. As I have said before,Brandt loves it and the instructors keep us coming back.
~ Mark Proctor, father of Brandt

Coach Dave ran a fun but disciplined session and ensured that the students demonstrated an understanding of the drills and games they undertook. Although they had a lot of enjoyment, they at the same time knew what acceptable and unacceptable behaviour was and the consequences of crossing the line between the two. The odd extra lap our son did for not focusing or listening, went a long way to improving his concentration not only in the Tucker sessions but during his regular team practices and games.
~Shaun King, father of Alex

I feel tucker Hockey provided my son with excellent instruction to improve his hockey. There was good emphasis on all aspects of the game that my Timbit level requires. At the same time they encouraged the students throughout, kept them focused, and maintained a fun atmosphere.
~ Robert Elliot, father of Andrew

“The instruction was excellent. The coaches were very professional following a show to tell method of training. I enjoyed the fact that the instructors were patient with all of the children and did not ever raise their voices. I encourage all young players I encounter to participate in the programs.
~ Lawrence Rosen, father of Adam

After a few years in his programs I’ve improved a lot, really taken my game to the next level… the one piece of advice I leave here with: always keep your knees bend and keep strong edges. I can’t count off the top of my head but I’ve done tons and love his programs.
~ Darren Martin, Calgary Royals AA Player

My son participated in a checking clinic with Tucker Hockey. The instruction on proper hitting techniques, safety and how to take a hit boosted my son’s confidence on the ice during games to a whole new level. It was a well-structured program that challenged my son in all aspects of contact hockey with the emphasis on fun. A great clinic that I feel should be taken by all players to reduce the injury component of the game. A nice job well done.
~ Clint Buckler; father of Colton

I registered my son in Tucker hockey because it didn’t seem like his team was developing as much as other players that had more ice times this past season. I thought all of the instructors were great with the children and were very professional. I am very pleased with the program and have already registered my son for another session. Good Job!!!
~ Bruce Sabo, father of Kayne

The Tucker Hockey Power Skating program was an excellent opportunity for my son to fine tune and improve his skating skills. We look forward to returning, and to eventually trying the Elite Power Skating.
~Laurence Reiter, father of Uriah

James was born in Mexico and had never been on ice untill last February, he loved Hockey, and wanted to play this winter, after two Tucker session he has gone from a non- skater to a skater with the ability now to play organized hockey. Tucker Hockey is a great program, that uses Power skating instruction and adds fun,a great teaching method for all.
~ Don McAuley, father of Jimmy

My son was in the spring session I thought is was excellent, it was one of the better or best session my son has attended. Usually he is not too enthusiastic about power skating but for this one there was never a complaint and I could see a noticeable improvement in his speed.
~ Kevin Smith, father of Parker

Tucker has a way of making the learning portion, fun and interesting for kids.  They are patient and positive, that's why we will be back.
~ Darren Henry, father of Carter

Great camp!  I saw a marked improvement in my son's puck handling and skating skills after the session. The days were well organized, had great player/coach ratios and the coaches really took the time to give EVERY player, whether skilled or not, individual attention on the skills that were being worked on. Thank you Tucker Hockey!
~ Josh Stipanov, father of David

Our son Brandt has dramatically improved his skating ability with each session he has attended. As his skills increase so does his confidence and love for the game. The instructors are excellent and great with the kids, nobody gets left behind, they work with each child individually until they understand and are able to complete each drill. Tucker Hockey will continue to be part of Brandt's development.
~ Mark Proctor, parent of Brandt

I learned to play Hockey through the Tucker Adult programs and couldn't wait for my son to be old enough to participate in the Tucker programs as well. I will always enroll him with Tucker as long as he plays hockey.
~Rick Firth, parent of Matthew

Our son has shown a great improvement in his skating after taking the Tucker Hockey Power Skating sessions.  The instructors all do a wonderful job, the kids work hard but are having so much fun they don’t even notice.  Our son is much more confident in his skating now which makes hockey more fun.  Thank you Tucker Hockey!
~ Christy Campbell, parent of Nixon

Hi Rex.  Jacqueline and I thought you’d get a kick out of this in a very positive way relative to the impact you’ve had on Alexander. Long story short they were playing the B side semi -final for their Atom 6 City Playdowns Saturday and it went to triple overtime and they were down to two on two plus a goalie for each Team.  Alexander made a nice rush and was hauled down.  A penalty was called, however, in the City Playdowns overtime penalties result in a penalty shot.  He stepped up in front of a lot of people skated in confidently and rifled a wrist shot for the winning goal.  When we were driving home later and chatting about this moment for him, he described the shot along the lines of “just like Rex showed me to do – shoot where the goalie isn’t”.  You have been a very positive influence on him as it relates to hockey and seeing it for what it is, an opportunity to first and foremost have fun in a sport, and secondly something that you can work hard at developing your skills.
~ Robert Hayes, parent of Alexander

The Tucker Hockey Christmas camp was an excellent experience. The instruction level was top notch with a small ratio of skaters to instructors which allowed them to help each skater on an individual basis as needed.  The drills were excellent and they made sure all the skaters knew how to do them properly so they could progress to the next drill.  I would not hesitate to put my son back in a Tucker Hockey power skating clinic at any time.
~ Trevor Bell, parent of Ryan

Hi Brendan just finished the 7 to 9 years old power skating on Saturday mornings the 8:15 class. He loved it and I thought his skating really improved, especially his backwards skating. I thought the classes were well organized with a great variety of drill and fun drills for the kids too, no wasted time and the instructor to student ratio was great! All in all, a great job by Tucker Hockey. Hopefully I can get him in a class before evaluations in September either another group lesson or failing that a private one on one lesson.
~ Murray Cotton, father of Brendan

Skating and puck handling drills, exceptional & professional instruction - great ice management
~ Guilio Coppola, father of Fabio

I liked how the instructors worked with the kids.  My son hadn't skated very much, or, played hockey for that matter, and the instructors were wonderful with him.
~ Julio Sinclair, mother of Alex

My son Scott has been in your program previously, I think your programs are excellent and Scott would like to enrol in your Easter Power Skating Program.
~ Paul Gautreau

Rex, I want to thank you for the power skating camp my 9 year old son did in September.  It was truly amazing how much he was taught in such a short time!  He now skates circles around players that were on teams above him.  His self-confidence has increased dramatically.  I would recommend your programs to anyone.  Thanks!
~ Dave McGregor

Excellent and obviously knowledgeable... Very comprehensive.  The drills made sense and followed in good progression... Very drill focused but useful... Great - Well worth it!
~ C & R Mercier


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