2018 Esso Minor Hockey Week In Full Swing!

With Esso Minor Hockey Week in full swing, most of us are living at the rinks!  Even once teams are eliminated, we still can’t seem to keep ourselves out of the hockey arenas.  Whether it’s school hockey, team practices at the outdoor rinks, it’s all about hockey!


Did you know that Esso Minor Hockey week is the biggest hockey tournament in North America?  There are more than 11,000 players, 2600 coaches, 648 teams and 915 games will be played when it’s all said and done.


Whether you’re still in Esso or all done, at Tucker Hockey we have something for everyone!


Our winter programs have just begun, it’s not too late to register.  Your registration will be prorated to reflect missed sessions, just give Christyne a call at 403-998-5035.  We are also accepting registrations for our spring and summer programs, they fill up fast, so check us out on our Adult/Minor Camps pages today!