My Father was someone who gave me the tools I needed to build my life, the knowledge I needed to use them successfully, the encouragement to overcome life’s obstacles, and the confidence to take pride in a job well done.”
My Father lived his life with intelligence, honesty, and integrity and with a very straight forward approach. Growing up on Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland, my Father was no stranger to hard work and spent most of his life on the Atlantic Ocean, both fishing and carrying freight on a schooner along the north – east coast of Newfoundland. At the early age of 49, he was forced to retire due to illness but had already worked nearly 36 years of his life!
Growing up I developed a passion for the game of hockey but it certainly didn’t resonate from my Father. He had very little interest if any in the sport. He paid very little attention to my youth hockey playing or later my career aspirations to be involved in the game of hockey. Conversely, I had very little affection or interest in the fishery and making a living from being on the ocean. I have often joked over the years with friends…that the water I like…it’s the frozen stuff…what you can put in your drink or skate on!

Nevertheless, I feel truly blessed because my Father motivated me and enriched my life in so many ways with his steady actions, and strong words of wisdom. Even though we have made our living from completely different spectrums of the working worlds, I have incorporated many of his philosophies and principles on life into my Tucker Hockey business world and my own day to day living.

Always say thank you and show appreciation.
Be independent – your own man – paddle your own canoe.
Think with your own head.
Stand firm on your beliefs – don’t sell yourself out for anything or anyone.
Live by the Golden Rule – do on to others as you would have them do on to you.
Keep your word – it’s everything.
Appreciate and value a good day’s work – never leave a job unfinished.
Always do your best work.
Listen to and take care of your body.
Always save for a rainy day.
Don’t let the highs get too high and the lows get too low.
Take life one day at a time – make the best of the cards you are dealt.
Know what it is you want in life and go after it.
Over the years I have valued my Father’s many lessons on the facts of life. He has instilled into me the will to succeed and for this I am forever grateful. I cherish the wonderful memories we had together. Heartfelt thanks to my friend, my mentor, my Father. Rest in Peace.