Tucker Hockey’s Mission Statement:

Tucker Hockey has a special and unique love for the game of hockey. It is the mission of Tucker Hockey to share our passion for the sport. Through the Tucker Hockey Way, we provide opportunities for hockey players of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to grow their love of the game while improving their hockey skills.

Tucker Hockey Awards

We donate over $20,000 annually to minor hockey players

Every year, Tucker Hockey proactively reaches out to Hockey Calgary and KidSport Calgary to make access to hockey lessons easier; as financial barriers become more and more challenging with each passing year.

  • We donate one, free hockey program to every one of Calgary’s 17 Minor Hockey Associations, which they can distribute however they desire.
  • We also donate 6 free spring and 12 free summer programs to KidSport Calgary, which they in turn can give back to their kids. The total value to Hockey Calgary can exceed $6,000, while the total value to KidSport Calgary can exceed $10,000 in free Hockey Programs.
  • In addition, Tucker Hockey awards 2 Year-Round Access Passes to 2 Minor Hockey players in the Calgary community, allowing those players to attend every hockey camp available to them during a calendar year; this donation can exceed $2,000 for each minor hockey player.

Tucker Hockey Classic Awards

Created in 2004; we have donated over $30,000 in free hockey programs and still counting.

Minor Hockey – Danny Cammack Memorial Award
Danny C

Danny Cammack had many of the passions of a typical 13-year-old, but none was greater than hockey. What Danny lacked in size, he more than made up for with smooth powerful strides, soft hands and an uncanny puck sense.

As much as he loved the game, he loved the camaraderie that came with being a member of a hockey team. Perhaps this is why he was such a good team player. Dan loved to win but it was not the “Be all, end all”. He always kept things in perspective. Doing his best and having fun on the ice was what Danny was all about!

Recent Winner:

  • Summer/Fall 2018 Recipient: Daniel Hussey – Thank you for your loyalty to Tucker Hockey Daniel!


Adult Hockey – Bradley Mersereau Memorial Award
Brad M

This award is named the “Brad Memorial”. It is in memory of Bradley Mersereau, who was an avid participant in Tucker Hockey Adult Programs. Brad never represented himself as a great skater, or, for that matter, a good hockey player. He just loved getting out and being active. He always found a healthy balance between family, work and the enjoyment of hockey. He was a “true friend” and “hockey enthusiast”.

Recent Winner:

  • Summer/Fall 2018 Award Recipient: Kim Faires – For over 9 years, Kim has been attending Tucker Hockey’s Adult Recreational Programs! Here is what Kim loves about hockey:

“I often feel overwhelmed by how much hockey means to me. I feel lucky to be able to play it, and will feel incredibly sad when I won’t be able to anymore. The camaraderie and the sense of freedom I feel on the ice with my teammates is really hard to put into words, but I love that about it. Every time I step on the ice it’s an opportunity to shut out the world and just be present in the moment, with friends, playing the game we love. That’s a really special thing to experience, and something I’ll always feel grateful for.”


Ern Rideout Memorial Award – On Ice Instructor Apprenticeship Award

This award is in memory of Ern Rideout. Ern was the first Tucker Hockey on ice assistant instructor. He began in 1999 to assist Coach Rex with his on ice programs. Ern was a major contributor to the early success and growth of Tucker Hockey on and off the ice. He will be remembered for his strong character, integrity, loyalty, dedication and amicable personal traits.

This Tucker Hockey Award will be given out each year to the on ice instructor apprentice who exhibits improved personal growth and development and a strong potential to be a quality on ice instructor within the Tucker Hockey team.

Recent Winner:

  • 2018 Award Recipient: Kevin Sorochak