“I’m sorry I don’t know the names of the instructors but I will describe him as a ‘little man with a big stick’ – he was excellent with my son Kai”

~ Carber G. Parents of Kai


“The on-ice curriculum is great and very fast paced. Brandt loves it. I am sure that you are aware of how fortunate you are to have an instructor like Dave Mahoney, it is rare to find an employee who represents his employer as if he owned the business himself. I really can’t say enough about Dave, quality guy! Both Dave and Frank are excellent. As Dave leads the drills Frank is there watching for anybody struggling with the drill and giving extra instruction. We have been to other programs, but to me, nothing compares to the instructors at Tucker. We haven’t had a negative experience to date and I don’t expect that we will in the future. As I have said before, Brandt loves it and the instructors keep us coming back.”

~ Mark P., Father of Brandt


“This conditioning camp is second to none!  The first comment my son made coming off the ice after the first session was “it’s not what I expected”.  He has never been to a hockey camp that challenged him to the extent that Tucker’s Conditioning Camp did. Every on-ice session was hard work but worth it.”

~ Mary Ann K., Mother to Dylan


“I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our morning lessons with Dave.  It is amazing how far Brooklyn has come along in 16 sessions!  Her foot speed, stick handling, positioning, etc. has all improved immensely.  She has been called up to play AAA hockey for 4 games with the Raiders and was able to obtain 3 points (goal & 2 assists).  Not only have her skills improved but her confidence as well.  The extra cost for private lessons is well worth the money to see Brook rise to her goals. Dave is an awesome instructor and we appreciate the personal investment her put into coaching Brook, such as coming to watch a few of her games.  We appreciate it a lot and hold him dear to our hearts. Hope to see you in August for conditioning and shooting camp. Best regards.”
~ Evelyn P., Mother of Brooklyn


“Coach Dave and Frank, After a mediocre year of coaching from his minor hockey association, my son still developed from his weekly morning experience with both of you. He never complained about the 5:45am wake up to see you guys. Both of you have been a huge part of his development and love for the game over the years. We will always make it a priority to involve your program in his development. We can’t thank you enough!”

~ Mehbs A, Father to Armaan


“Coach Dave ran a fun but disciplined session and ensured that the students demonstrated an understanding of the drills and games they undertook. Although they had a lot of enjoyment, they at the same time knew what acceptable and unacceptable behaviour was and the consequences of crossing the line between the two. The odd extra lap our son did for not focusing or listening, went a long way to improving his concentration not only in the Tucker sessions but during his regular team practices and games.”

~Shaun K., Father of Alex


“Dave, Frank, and Jimmy are awesome coaches! They are willing to work with you to get you to the next level of hockey performance. They make you stoked to play.”

~ Mark R.


“All the Instructors where awesome. Especially Frank and David, being on the Ice for many hours every day and still have the patience and enthusiasm late in the evening for us.”

~ Marc H.


“Frank and Dave are great instructors. They challenge you to work harder and be a better player!”

~ Tony Messer


“The last course I took was 201 with Dave and Frank. I found that Dave and Frank were really helpful in being open and honest in encouraging students to try tips.  For me personally, cutting my stick really helped my puck control.  Skating with my tongue outside my shin guard, and lacing my skates a little looser really improved my skating, that attention to detail to my game was really helpful.”

~ James S.


“Unlike most instructors David Mahoney understands why adults take these courses. Although I am not a teacher I think that teaching adults and children require a different skill set. David SHARES his knowledge of hockey and skating, he doesn’t lecture or talk down to you, and is excited for you when you make progress.”

~ Len M.


“Dave and Frankie are very encouraging hockey instructors. I am 61 years old female. Dave and Frankie taught me to skate backwards. When I play with other women, they are impressed with my shots.  Dave and Franke taught me how to shot better.   My balance, strength and flexibility are better because of Tucker Hockey.  Thank you for your encouragement.  Some day I hope my grand daughter, Olivia will attend Tucker Hockey lessons with me.”

~Diane D.