To be an effective communicator and get your message out to others, a person must be able to:
1) Connect 2) Respect and 3) Affect.
Even though the above words may all sound quite familiar – they each come with a different connotation that describes each one separately and uniquely.
To connect with someone means to go that extra distance – to know who they are and where they have come from in life. It’s important to put your words into language that each individual can relate to and understand.
To respect any individual is to know that we all have our own separate journeys – even though we have traveled different paths to get where we are together today and this not only makes us unique as an individual but that makes each of us indeed, true survivors.
Each living person resides in a community – whether they interact with just one person each day or a thousand people. How you react to your community will affect those around you. Make a conscious decision to be an effective individual in society rather than just an affected individual. Be positive, pro – active and purposeful in your daily communications. Ultimately, endeavor to make the world a better place around you through effective communications with others.