“Frank did a great job of not only demonstrating and explaining the techniques but also providing individualized help tailored to each person in the class. Great attitude and professional demeanor.”

~ Sean D. – Spring 2018

“I have taken several Tucker courses and have had the pleasure of being instructed by Frank, Rex and Jimmy. All provided excellent tips and feedback to successfully learn and develop true hockey skills. Although I have skated recreationally most of my life, I am quite new to hockey and the Tucker Hockey Experience is certainly the way to go! Thank you all at Tucker for making my experience fruitful and above all really enjoyable.”

~ Bryan S.

“Dave, Frank, and Jimmy are awesome coaches! They are willing to work with you to get you to the next level of hockey performance. They make you stoked to play.”

~ Mark R.

“All the Instructors where awesome. Especially Frank and David, being on the Ice for many hours every day and still have the patience and enthusiasm late in the evening for us.”

~ Marc H.

“Frank and Dave are great instructors. They challenge you to work harder and be a better player!”

~ Tony Messer

“The last course I took was 201 with Dave and Frank. I found that Dave and Frank were really helpful in being open and honest in encouraging students to try tips. For me personally, cutting my stick really helped my puck control. Skating with my tongue outside my shin guard and lacing my skates a little looser really improved my skating, that attention to detail to my game was really helpful.”

~ James S.

“Dave and Frankie are very encouraging hockey instructors. I am 61 years old female. Dave and Frankie taught me to skate backwards. When I play with other women, they are impressed with my shots. Dave and Franke taught me how to shot better. My balance, strength and flexibility are better because of Tucker Hockey. Thank you for your encouragement. Some day I hope my grand daughter, Olivia will attend Tucker Hockey lessons with me.”

~Diane D.