To be described as fearless one may think of a superhero. But embracing change, facing adversity head on, not being afraid to falter and step outside one’s comfort zone is also heroic. 
How you handle adversity can be a great learning experience. To conquer your adversity is to overcome it before it starts. Don’t let fear paralyze you!
Adversity can enter your life in many forms. Adversity can afflict on occasion your personal, family, or work throughout your lifetime.  You may encounter sorrow, troubles, misfortune, hardship, distress or misery from time to time. It will happen to everyone. No one escapes it. But it is how you react to the situation not the situation that is the key. Adversity doesn’t last!  Remember this too shall pass! 
When you face adversity around you remember stay strong to yourself and love the ones dear to you. Remember there are lessons to be learned about life and living. It’s in the difficult times of life when you learn the most about yourself and about living. It is not during the easy, pleasant, the good times of your life!
Learning comes in many forms and you must be able to recognize adverse times as opportunities to learn and grow.  When you do face adversity, step back, taking a macro-cosmic view, looking at the very large picture. Your misfortunes will not last – stay positive and determined to see and experience a better tomorrow.  Assess the situation with objectivity and decide what your next action will be to overcome this situation. Try to think clearly and not let your emotions cloud your better judgment and thought process. Stay calm and carry on!
As you gauge the matter or situation, remember this experience too will teach you a valuable lesson. It will strengthen your mind and being for the future. You will grow and get better! You will overcome this adversity – strong timbers grow in strong breezes!  Bad things and times can often happen to good people but they will not last.  A strong will power and positive spirit will prevail for you to experience and live a better tomorrow!