Wednesday, (November 23, 2011) I had the privilege of being invited to a special breakfast held by KidSport of Alberta for all of its major donors from the past year. I was excited by the prospect of listening to their special guest speaker, Kelly Hrudey!
But as the morning unfolded, I finally got the true message of why I was actually there… It’s about the kids… DUH!
What struck me were the real “Special” guest speakers, Sheila, Mathew and Mitchell. Sheila was the recipient of KidSport funds, allowing all 5 of her kids to participate in soccer as her and her husband struggled to make ends meet while he tried to find work after being laid off, I cried by the way, she touched me so deeply. And Mitchell and Mathew, two brothers who by the way are 12 and 9 who have such a philanthropic look at life that they’ve dedicated countless hours to raising funds and equipment for KidSport and other organizations in Calgary. I mean 12 and 9, what kids do that? When they can be out playing their own sports, not worrying about any other kids struggling to find the money or equipment to play.
These people truly touched me, and I felt blessed to have had the opportunity to be there. Sure Kelly was good, but Sheila was better!

So the message here… charitable organizations need your help, even if it’s only $5. I only had $10 in my wallet yesterday, I’m an interact kinda gal, but I gladly put it in the donation envelope on the table. And if I wanted to I could have filled out a card and signed my name and KidSport would have mailed me a receipt for income tax purposes. But I didn’t care, that wasn’t why I was donating, I didn’t want anything in return, it just felt good to give… anonymously!