“What is life without passion?” I have tried to live by these words since the first time I heard them some years ago. I’m very sheepish to admit it but it was on a CBC drama program, the title eludes me.

We can all be passionate about the big things that matter in life, but what about the practices or the games that really have no bearing on the standings at the end of the season?

Passion produces perseverance. If you can be passionate about something, time doesn’t seem to matter. The extra practice time, the skating drills are not so boring and repetitive. Everything has a reason – if you fall you get up and try over again. With passion, you’ll always find the tenacity to go on.

If the coach or captain is passionate about the upcoming game, eager to play with zeal and ardor, it will carry to the whole team. People who are passionate are fun to be around. When you are passionate you want to learn, and know new ways to reach that higher level of accomplishment.

In your pursuit, you may encounter someone who will try to dissuade or deter your passion. They may give you – why nots or negative thinking, explaining it is not possible to achieve. You must not pay attention to these types of people and keep moving on. As the coach or captain, you should always try to help others to be better players.

During the 2010 Winter Olympics, the athletes that we saw and cheered were definitely passionate about winning. The Vancouver Olympics gave all Canadians – a heart of gold! When Sidney Crosby scored the final goal for the Olympic men’s hockey gold medal, Canada’s passion and pride was very much alive across the country. At one point in time, 18 million Canadian views watched this great sporting event!

The Canadian Men’s Olympic hockey team was made up of passion and expertise. Steve Yzerman, the Executive Director of Team Canada, has accomplished a great deal in his hockey career. From being a 3 time Stanley Cup champion, a 6th all – time leading NHL scorer, as well as playing on the 2002 Olympic Gold Medal team are highlights of his career.

Working with Mike Babcock, the Head Coach of Team Canada, a former McGill University team captain, who knocked around in the minors and missed making the Vancouver Canucks roster. As a result, Babcock thought he would end up being a school teacher. Little did he know his passion and love for the game of hockey and winning attitude would take him to the ultimate coaching experience – achieving the 2010 Olympic Men’s Hockey Gold medal.

Passion indeed does count. Success in life doesn’t come without passion!

“Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.”
~ Terri Guillemets