Rex Tucker is the Founder, Owner, President, CEO and
Head Instructor of Tucker Hockey.

Rex provides leadership and strategic business planning as well as oversees and administers the day to day business and hockey operations of Tucker Hockey. Since 2002, Rex has been a full time professional hockey coach averaging in excess of 500 on ice instructional sessions per year to players of all age ( 4 to 75 ) and skill levels ( tyke to semi – pro ). As well, Rex oversees the design and publication of Hockey Zones – the official newsletter of Tucker Hockey – 2 editions per year (Winter-Spring, and Summer-Fall).

Little Bay Islands
Home Town: Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland
Education: Memorial University of Newfoundland, Bachelor of Commerce (1983)
Residence: Calgary, Alberta

While in the Czech Republic teaching and honing his power skating and hockey skills at Canadian Hockey Camp – Europe in 1997, Rex had a vision to create his own hockey business – Tucker Hockey. He started up Tucker Hockey with $2,000 in the bank, a business plan, a leap of faith, many long days and a lot of hard work. With incredible determination, drive, passion, and love for hockey he went about building Tucker Hockey and as a result experienced the best years of his life – enjoying the skating, teaching, people, hockey and business sides of his creation. It has taken a few years…but Rex no longer leans on his hockey stick to skate in the hockey world as well he knows the difference between a debit and a credit in the business world. He has definitely taken the road less traveled to get where he is today. Rex is extremely passionate about hockey and making a difference!

While operating Tucker Hockey, Rex became more aware that many children even in Calgary could not enjoy the benefits of organized hockey; simply because the costs to play hockey today are so high. Reflecting back on his own childhood, Rex did not always have the opportunity to play hockey. With his father a fisherman and his mother a school teacher turned stay – at – home mom, funds to buy hockey equipment were limited. Even with skates, a stick and limited hockey equipment, opportunities to play were hampered by the ice quality on outdoor ponds and the harbour of his home town of Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland.

As a result, Rex became very motivated to help disadvantaged children and to do a little more good in the world. So in 2008, Rex and other dedicated volunteers created a non – profit society, the Kids Hockey Advancement Society to help deserving kids play hockey. The Kids Hockey Advancement Society’s not for profit mission statement was to give all deserving children the chance to play organized hockey – the Nation’s greatest sport. Over the 7 year life of the Society, it raised over $150,000 for worthy causes with the main recipient of the proceeds benefiting Kid Sport of Calgary.

Kids Hockey Advancement Society History Article 2008 – 2014 (Click Here)

  • 35+ years of diversified business experience
  • His background consists of knowledge, skills and expertise drawn from the following areas: hockey player training, hockey coaching, coach mentoring, business administration, corporate financial planning, information systems administration, sales and marketing, operations and staff management, entrepreneurship, event planning, newsletter editing and writing, philanthropy and professional self-development and improvement.

  • 25+ Years of Hockey Instruction Experience
  • Calgary Junior Hockey League Coach (1992 – 1995)
  • Assistant Coach Hockey Alberta Under 16 Program of Excellence (1994)
  • Calgary Junior Hockey League – Coach of the Year (1995)
  • NCCP Advanced 1 Certified Coach (1996)
  • Past Hockey Alberta Instructor (1996)
  • Head Power Skating Instructor Canadian Hockey Camp – Europe (1997 – 2001)
  • A Professional Power Skating Instructor (1997 – Present)
  • Full Time Professional Hockey Coach (2002 – Present)
  • Instructed hockey camps in Calgary, Rural Alberta, Springdale, Newfoundland and Prague, Czech Republic

Details of Hockey Qualifications and Experiences (Click Here)

“Rex is very knowledgeable and possesses exceptional coaching and mentoring skills. His understanding of the game of hockey is unquestionably ranked at the “Expert” level. We are very fortunate to have Rex in our hockey community!”
~ Perry Cavanaugh, Past President, Hockey Calgary

“Rex has an incredible passion and dedication for hockey, and his primary thrust is to help people who want to learn the game, no matter how old they are. And he goes about it quietly and without fanfare.”
~ Tom Renney, CEO of Hockey Canada

“Rex’s natural talent as motivator, as an educator, and as a professional business person are evident in all of Rex’s Tucker Hockey programs. Rex’s passion for hockey, and willingness to share that passion, through Tucker Hockey’s mission statement, continually enable recreational hockey players to improve fitness, skill, and team play. The product Rex puts on the ice is recognized, as evidenced in years of happy, repeat participants. Furthermore, I would recommend Rex for any business development challenge, from start-up, through marketing and sales development and brand growth, on to business operations. Rex is an excellent business person when it comes to finding a market niche and filling it with high-value services.”
~ Phillip Wray

“I have known Rex since 2007 and have played shinny hockey for over 20 years. Rex has taken my game to a completely different level with his basic hockey training and fundamentals, yet making it fun, challenging, and imaginative. Anyone remotely interested in playing hockey should NOT miss an opportunity to attend one of his clinics. I highly recommend Rex both as a hockey coach/trainer and as a gentleman and businessman with great integrity and compassion (in his work for charitable causes)”
~ Arthur Wong

“Just finished reading your excellent news letter, always look forward to a good read, its truly gratifying to see the good you are doing for so many young people, we commend you on all your hard work. This sort of thing just doesn’t happen on its own, it takes an enormous amount of hard work, not to mention the hours in planning.”
~ Peter Watkins & Carolyn Weir

“Rex is a very knowledgeable, professional and experienced hockey coach and trainer. He adjusts his practices well to suit the skill level of the players on the ice. He is on time, and his service provides good value for money.”
~ Allan Chatenay

“Rex has a style that works for both youth and adults. He makes things fun and challenging for students of the game of hockey.”
~ Steve Matthews

“Rex is a fantastic instructor for young and old alike – he can translate skating mechanics to all abilities with ease. Rex is personable, very reliable, and produces excellent results. I would recommend Rex and his organization to anyone looking to improve their skills.”
~ Tobin Rooney

“Rex is a knowledgeable and passionate hockey instructor. His sessions are properly tailored to the skill level of each group and each individual is given personal attention. Rex gave me the skills I needed to start playing hockey as an adult and I was so impressed that I signed my children up for their own sessions. I highly recommend Rex Tucker and Tucker Hockey.”
~ Sebastian Kirstine

“Rex’s course and his coaching is a big benefit for anybody who wants to improve his skating skills and elevate his game. Rex’s skating tips, his teaching techniques and his drills quickly translated to large incremental improvements in my skating ability. His course is also a great way to exercise at your own pace doing something you enjoy.”
~ Leo Bailey

“Rex provides a comprehensive power skating school that will advance any players ability to perform on the ice. We have used Tucker Hockey both in the group program setting and on a one on one basis. Rex is patient, knowledgeable and great with kids which is why I recommend everyone to check out his programs.”
~ Devin Mintz

“Rex and his team consistently provide an excellent program for improving the skating skills of those enrolled in his clinics. His delivery methods are focused on the fundamentals and are communicated in a professional manner. He and his colleagues ensure that each student receives the attention they require to master the techniques that they are working on. I have and will continue to recommend Rex to others.”
~ Randy Otto

“Rex is an exceptional skating coach. I have had the privilege of working with Rex at all levels of minor hockey player from Novice through Midget AAA. He customizes his teaching to the student and clearly has a complete understanding of the most effective techniques to use with the individual.”
~ Darcy Hulston

“Rex has worked with my two sons as well as many players that I have coached in the past. He is great with the kids, runs great ice sessions and makes learning fun. Rex is highly recommended by myself and many hockey parents looking to get their children great training.”
~ Bill MacKenzie