“Overall, all instructors I ran into during my 101 course participation were of excellent calibre. Ron has been a great lead instructor throughout. Very calm character and every exercise was well explained as well as demonstrated by him. Another instructor I’d like to point out is Jimmy who has been breathing down my neck (in a very positive way) pretty much every session to help me get to the level I am at now. Based on my excellent experience, I can definitely recommend Tucker Hockey to everyone looking to get into the game as well as improve their game!”

~ Stephan B.

“Ron Wong provided clear, intelligible instructions on the techniques being taught with perfectly executed demonstrations. He didn’t move on to the next drill until everyone was ready and ensured that anyone who need additional attention received it from one of the other instructors.”

~ Dominic D.

“I do want to specifically mention that Ron did a phenomenal job running the overall program and I feel that he was by far the best instructor in the smaller break out groups. I would like to thank Ron for making the program successful for me.”

~ Dillan B.