3 on 3 Hockey

Tucker Hockey, Calgary’s premier hockey school since 1999, is running a 3 on 3 spring hockey program from April to June, with two sessions a week for players who love the fast-paced, high tempo nature of 3 on 3 hockey. These games will be formally refereed and scored and will be divided into skill development, short games and full ice play.

You will handle the puck more regularly and do more skating in a single 3 on 3 pond hockey game than in five regular games, and more puck possession usually means more shots, more scoring and more all-round fun!

Enjoy 3 on 3 pond hockey in Calgary this spring from Tucker Hockey

Our 3 on 3 spring hockey is perfect for Atom and Peewee players and there will be two ice sessions each week, taking place on Saturdays at 2:30pm or 3:45pm and Tuesdays at 6pm or 7:15pm. Beginning on Saturday April 8th and running until Saturday June 24th, players will have 20 hours in total on the ice for 3 on 3 hockey. Registration costs $499 per player, or $399 for goalies, with GST and jersey included in the price.

Note: There will be no sessions on Saturday April 15th or Saturday May 20th.

Attention: 3 on 3 is FULL – Waiting List & Substitution List Available

How does 3 on 3 hockey work?

In total, there will be 4 teams with 9 players, each team comprising of Atom and Peewee players. Each team will have a registered list, with a sub list to ensure that there are always 9 players on each team. Subs can be pulled from existing Tucker Hockey participants and can play for free or for a nominal price. Players will be matched according to skill level to ensure fair games and this will be arranged after the first session. The onus is on the skater to supply backup, but we may be able to assist in this regard if required.

Each 1-hour session consists of 15 minutes of skill development and warm-up, 15 minutes of 3 on 3 short games and 30 minutes of 3 on 3 full ice play. Players can request to be seeded with their buddies and we will try to accommodate this insofar as possible, but we cannot make any guarantees.

There will be 2 referees to ensure fair play, offside and no-contact rules are applied. We will adopt a policy of continuous play, quick skating, fast puck movement, individual player creativity and great goaltender showdowns. However, in the case of blatant foul play, the offending player will be penalized.

Teams will wear Tucker Hockey jerseys – red versus black. Each player will receive a red and black jersey at the start, and will return one at the end of the season.  Players will have their names printed on their helmets and can check their progress each week as stats are posted online.

Interested in signing up for spring 3 on 3 hockey in Calgary?

Players will love the frenetic, high tempo excitement of 3 on 3 hockey, where the higher than normal amount of puck possession will generate a more central feel of involvement. If you haven’t tried 3 on 3 hockey before, you’re bound to enjoy it immensely and what better chance to sample this thrilling hockey variation than by registering for 3 on 3 pond hockey games with Tucker Hockey this spring?

More puck possession, more shots, more scoring – MORE FUN!

Call us today on 403 998 5035 or register online to secure your place in our 3 on 3 spring hockey program.