Summer Showcase: Power Skating Options…

Are you a hockey or ringette player? Do you want to take your game to the next level? The key to making that team or becoming a better player is skating. Speed and edges are what can help you amp up your game.

Registration for our summer programs is open and we truly have a program for every player at every level when it comes to improving your skating skills:

– This program covers various drills to elevate defenseman development. Including skating
technical skills such as backward starts, striding, pivots, agility and mobility as well as
tactical drills but not limited to: D to D passing, breakout passing, net play and active stick,
positioning and angling, 1-on-1, 2-on-1 play and gap control.

Elite power skating & conditioning
– This is a specialized power skating curriculum that includes forward and backward extreme
edge control, forward and backward striding, technique and speed, as well as skating agility
and mobility drills without and with pucks.

Eval prep & conditioning
– This program is designed to get players ready for September evaluations and the upcoming
season. The curriculum includes a broad range of drills to increase a player’s muscle
endurance, flexibility, core strength, and aerobic/anaerobic conditioning as well as recovery.

Evasive skating & puck control
– This program will elevate a player’s ability to skating and handle the puck in a small area.
NHL stars such as Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid and Johnny Gaudreau are masterful at
being shifty and unpredictable with the puck. They create time and space from opponents
by avoiding, changing direction (turning, stopping, pivoting, and shifting gears) and
protecting the puck. This skill of being evasive allows a player to maintain control of the puck
and create more offensive plays and scoring chances. The evasive program consists of
skating and puck control technical skills and tactics plus short area games (1 vs 1, 2 vs 1
etc.) to simulate real game situations, confidence and offensive success.

Explosive skating & extreme edges
– This specialized power skating program is designed to help players acquire stronger edges,
balance and stability on their skates as well as improve their forward skating quickness,
power and explosiveness for game situations.

Super power skating & hockey skills
– This program focuses on the technical skills of power skating, puck control, passing,
shooting and scrimmage. We teach skating and hockey fundamentals. It doesn’t matter if
the age or skill levels of the players vary – its individual skill development – the player and the