Throughout the year, there are many group hockey development programs to choose from: power skating, hockey skills, checking, three-on-three and conditioning, etc. However, if a player is serious about reaching his or her short and long term hockey goals, they must consider one-on-one coaching.
There are many advantages of private/specialized one-on-one sessions, including:
  • More personable – players receive closer attention
  • Proper assessment of a player’s skills
  • Customized on-ice programs to suit needs and abilities
  • More hands on approach/input from parents/players
  • More effective way to bridge the skill gap and speed up improvement process every time a player skates
  • Times and dates determined by parents/players – better suited to a busy schedule (before and after school)
  • Enhance hockey skills as well as life skills, self confidence and self esteem
  • Qualified and experienced instruction to help achieve short and long term hockey goals
Benefits Outweigh Costs
  • Concerns often addressed are:
  • Programs are more expensive than group programs but the benefits outweigh the costs if a player/parent are serious about hockey advancement
  • Can’t afford One-on-One? Get together 2 or 3 players of similar skill, age and desire from a club, team or neighborhood to help share the costs
  • Participants experience guaranteed improvements and enjoyment – love of the game
Tucker Hockey Provides Proven One-on-One Coaching
Please call Rex Tucker at 403-244-5-37 to discuss potential programs, customized curriculums, hockey instruction and philosophies, schedules and rate structures.
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