February 20th marks the 12th Anniversary and February 23rd marks the First Anniversary of the passing of Leslie Richard Kavanagh and Raymond Laurence Tucker.

Time has passed, life goes on, daily tasks get taken care of, but your memories linger. You’ll suddenly come to mind at the oddest times, other times we’ll think about you while doing something because it was something you liked, or didn’t, or had an opinion on or about. Then there’s those times when you ever so slowly come to the forefront of our minds, during our quiet times, the times when we’re not not using our brains to think about the next task to complete, what I need to do tomorrow, what to make for supper… Since we’re already doing nothing, we sit and let the memories float through our minds, at their own pace, sometimes smiling, other times laughing, an odd time one tear leaks out of the corner of one eye.

You taught us so much; compassion, ethics, accountability, passion… Did you know that? Did we take the time to convey our deepest gratitude to you for being in our lives? As your children, did we become the adults you thought we’d be? As babies, our futures were endless, did we accomplish what you wished for us?

We find ourselves doing things similar to what or how you did things. Our facial expressions when reacting to something mimic those of yours! We can hear you in our heads, giving words of wisdom, caution, congratulations, jubilations! At times we wish for your presence, just to see what we’ve accomplished, not to get praise or a pat on the back, but to just see.

Thanks Dads, you are missed.

Ray Tucker, November 9, 1931 to February 23, 2013
Les Kavanagh September 4, 1955 to February 20, 2001