On Tuesday, April 8th, 2014, Tucker Hockey attended the 16th Annual Youth Hiring Fair, organized by the YEC (Youth Employment Centre). It was a great event for both Employers seeking employees and the individuals that attended, as it showcased the wide variety of employment opportunities in Calgary for any age, any schooling or any previous experience a person may have. The event was organized very well, the attendance was high, and we were pleasantly surprised at how many individuals with hockey experience and expertise that attended and were interested and in some cases excited that we were there! Tucker Hockey is passionate about Hockey, and meeting like-minded, driven and optimistic youth was refreshing and highly educational.

For those that are not familiar with YEC, it’s a great organization provided by the City of Calgary servicing Calgary’s younger generation of 15 to 24 year-olds. Since 1987, YEC has provided Calgary’s youth with help in career development opportunities such as career advising, interview preparation, resume critiquing, a computer lab, job postings, hiring fairs and career exploration opportunities.

Tucker Hockey strongly believes sport is a great way for youth to learn valuable life-lessons, empowers them and gives them confidence that they can apply in their lives, and provides meaningful skills that fall over into other aspects of their lives. YEC is fundamentally similar and we’re a proud supporter of their mandate to assist Calgary’s younger generation.

For further information about YEC and the services they provide to employers and youth, please visit their website at www.nextsteps.org.