Checking is a tactic aimed at gaining possession of the puck, not injuring an opponent. The purpose for our checking program is to introduce players to proper techniques and tactics so as to give as well as receive a body check. It includes a five step progression from the basics of skating, to position angling, to stick checking, to body contact/confidence to body checking. The program covers a list of the following checking “Do’s and Don’ts”, emphasizing safety first.

Tucker Hockey Checking Rules:

  • Don’t get caught in the danger zone (2 to 4 feet from the boards) – stay close to the boards
  • Be aware of where your opponents are on the ice
  • Always keep your head up
  • When you are checked use your hands and arms as a cushion
  • When you are checked, turn your body so your shoulders hit first
  • Don’t turn your back on an opponent when along the boards
  • Avoid taking suicide passes from teammates
  • Practice being in a good hockey stance – wide stance, knees bent with a low center of gravity
  • Practice stability on your skates – strong edges as balance
  • Never cross check an opponent into the boards
  • Never push or trip an opponent into the boards
  • Never carry your stick up in the air towards an opponent
  • Never butt end an opponent with your stick
  • Never hit an opponent from behind
  • Always respect your opponent – play safe – play by the golden rule

Note: Tucker Hockey offers checking programs throughout the hockey season to minor hockey associations and teams. As well, we offer a Summer program to the public as well as sessions to small private groups year round.