Tucker Hockey’s Top 10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend One of Our Hockey Camps

Why register your child in our Minor Hockey Camps?


Because you want your child to…


1. Improve on their hockey fundamentals – skating, puck control, passing, shooting and checking.

(We do more than just run drills – we actually teach players to improve on their hockey skills.)


2. Learn more about playing the game – offensive tactics, defensive tactics, and conditioning/evaluation prep camps etc.

 (It’s continuous learning to get to the next level!)


3. Experience a fun, positive, demanding and co – ed learning environment.

(It’s really your child and the drill.)


4. Gain confidence weekly as their body adapts to the drills and skills; increasing their cardio fitness, flexibility, core strength, muscle endurance and mental playing alertness.

 (The best testimonial is not if we see improvement, or your child feels it but you – the parent – sees the improved skill set of your child.)


5. Experience a broad range of professional hockey programs designed for minor hockey players of all ages and skill levels.

 (We are truly an inclusive hockey organization. We have helped male and female minor players of all ages and skill levels from timbits to semi – pro.)


6. Feel a sense of accomplishment and improved self esteem as they increase their hockey abilities and gain a step up on their hockey playing buddies.

 (Be sociable and bring their hockey buddies along and save $$$)


7. Have fun on the ice, increase their passion and love for the game and exercise doing an activity that they truly enjoy!

(We are very passionate about hockey and teaching hockey skills – we will have a positive affect and influence on our child’s overall development as a player and person.)


8. Participate in minor hockey programs that have operated for 20 years; with a proven track record of improving youth hockey skills.

 (At any one time, there are over 100 Coaching Years on the ice sharing experience, and 10,000+ hours of on ice practice!)


9. Experience the Tucker Hockey Way: Enriching the lives of Tucker Hockey participants by instilling a sense of belonging and expounding to them our passion for the game of hockey.

(Read numerous testimonials on our website from happy parents.)


10. Tucker Hockey Guarantee – If you honestly believe we have not improved your child’s skating, hockey skills and knowledge of the game, after completing their “ First” Tucker Hockey Program. We will Guarantee the Following: A free 1 year membership to any and all Tucker Hockey Programs of your choice.** (Conditions Apply)

(What do you have to lose? Let your child experience the passion of Tucker Hockey today!!)