By Christyne – Executive Assistant, Tucker Hockey
So the boss gave me the night off, and tickets too to the Calgary Flames vs. Dallas Stars hockey game on February 16th. Now I know this comes a little late, given the fact that the Flames just participated in and won the Heritage Classic on Sunday, but I thought I’d record my thoughts on the indoor game (the boss attended the Heritage Classic – lucky guy that he is!).
This was the fourth game this current season that I’ve been privileged to attend, and I have to say I was a little disappointed, at first … hear me out!
The Flames came out of the gates “guns a’blazin”, and the first five minutes of the game were the most enjoyable in the entire game… The Flames scored in that five minutes and then seemingly disappeared for the next 35 minutes… The Flames were slow to the puck, not as aggressive on the forecheck and got through the first period with a resounding lead on shots on net, I believe it was 16 to 4 Flames advantage. I have to say the bulk of their shots came in that first five minutes.
So, after the second period I go and get myself a $6.50 frozen fruit slushee and settled in for another 20 minutes… did I mention the $6.50 slushee? Really?!
The Dallas Stars, in my opinion dominated most of the play in that 2nd period, they had hustle and were very aggressive, and before you know it they tied the game. Now this is where one would think the Flames would take a quick moment for a reality check and get back on the offensive… nope, nada, keine! Then comes another goal by Dallas… “Oh Boy” I think! But somehow they manage another goal and we’re tied 2-2 going into the third…
Have I mentioned I’m still nursing that $6.50 slushee?!
What can I say, the third period was more of the first five minutes for the Flames. They came out and dominated the Stars, and added 2 more tallies to seal the deal. That’s what I was waiting for!
As a fan who rarely gets to watch games, even on T.V.(my partner is not a sports fan at all – he only watches if I beg!), it was refreshing to see them win, and in such a fashion. I can definitely say live games are entertaining, from watching the jumbo tron, listening to catchy tunes and watching the boys fight it out…
Hockey is definitely tops in my books!