In the highly competitive Calgary market where hockey instructional schools abound, we decided to reflect on Tucker Hockey, and why we’ve been successful for the past 16 years. Businesses open and close everyday, statistics state that 1 in 5 businesses will close within the first 5 years of operating. And realistically, our business, while fulfilling a need, is in a niche market that doesn’t cater to a large population; unlike a restaurant, a corner store, a Real Estate Agency or our beloved Tim Hortons! So we decided to make a list of why we’re unique, why we have a faithful group of participants who come out year after year, why we have a great referral rating, and really, why is Tucker Hockey still around after 16 years. And after completing this exercise, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished in that time!

You can agree, disagree, make a comment, provide feedback and engage us, we welcome it!

  • Passion – Our love and passion for hockey has blossomed into T.H.E. Tucker Hockey Way which is a lifestyle where we connect and relate, we teach and understand, we care and improve; whereby creating personal successes.
  • Performance History – Tucker Hockey has an on-ice formula with time proven results ensuring participants become a better skater/hockey player, backed by our Guarantee.
  • Diversity – Tucker Hockey has a broad portfolio of services available; we teach all ages from 5 to 75 and all skill levels from Timbits to Semi-Pro.
  • Pay-It-Forward – We offer Tucker Hockey Awards – since 2004 Tucker Hockey has offered over 70+ free programs to various Minor and Adult Hockey players, giving back more than $20,000.
  • Good Karma – Since 2004 we’ve published Hockey Zones Newsletter for the purpose of hockey education, address various hockey issues for public discussion, and we provide features on hockey individuals at the Calgary Grassroots Level – the overall theme is to create Goodwill within the Hockey Community.
  • Altruism – Tucker Hockey is the Event Sponsor of an annual Golf Tournament which has raised in excess of $100,000 since 2008; contributing our volunteer time and efforts to promote philanthropy and raise social consciousness about the less fortunate children in the Calgary Hockey Community and providing them an opportunity to play hockey.

Now you’re wondering, or at least we hope you are, what exactly is T.H.E. Tucker Hockey Way? Our answer is this:

Enriching the lives of Tucker Hockey Participants by instilling a sense of belonging, expounding our passion of the game of hockey, imparting valuable life skills, and assist in manifesting our participant’s desire to improve all the while cultivating a harmonious community of like-minded individuals.
Discover for yourself the true Passion of Tucker Hockey today!
We enjoy and preserve what we love
We love what we understand
We understand because we have been taught
T.H.E. Tucker Hockey Way!